Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paragons issue 3

Paragons was a corporate comic which was commissioned and these pages are from issue 3 which I drew. The deadlines were pretty tight and I wish I could have spent a little more time on these pages. They still came out alright though.

Invincible vs Octoboss

Some Invincible pages I did. Loving the series and had a little fun drawing him here fighting Octoboss. Hmm... and I love calamari :) 

Iron Fist Versus Juggernaut

Some pages I did just for fun. I'm a big fan of Iron Fist and when the Immortal Iron Fist series started I just had to draw him fighting someone. Also it was a chance for me to flew mu brain trying to choreograph a fight scene instead of just having people throwing punches at each other for a buncha panels. Even though, they are punching each other here... well, y'know what I mean.

Outline Project

The Outline Project was a comic published here in South Africa and artists got invited to enter a 4 page story with the theme "First Experience." Out of the stories submitted only about 8 were published in the book. Mine, thankfully was one of them. You can tell I was a big Dungeons & Dragons fan.