Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Spiderman sequential samples

Yup, I'm trying again. These are my new samples. Hopefully I've improved from the last ones. I've taken the critiques I've gotten and they were a great help.
Here they are...





Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paragons issue 3

Paragons was a corporate comic which was commissioned and these pages are from issue 3 which I drew. The deadlines were pretty tight and I wish I could have spent a little more time on these pages. They still came out alright though.

Invincible vs Octoboss

Some Invincible pages I did. Loving the series and had a little fun drawing him here fighting Octoboss. Hmm... and I love calamari :) 

Iron Fist Versus Juggernaut

Some pages I did just for fun. I'm a big fan of Iron Fist and when the Immortal Iron Fist series started I just had to draw him fighting someone. Also it was a chance for me to flew mu brain trying to choreograph a fight scene instead of just having people throwing punches at each other for a buncha panels. Even though, they are punching each other here... well, y'know what I mean.

Outline Project

The Outline Project was a comic published here in South Africa and artists got invited to enter a 4 page story with the theme "First Experience." Out of the stories submitted only about 8 were published in the book. Mine, thankfully was one of them. You can tell I was a big Dungeons & Dragons fan.